Closing Study Club

Closing study club was a little event in my course. This event has a purpose to close my study club in HEC 2. For formal study, I was studying inside of my class room (with a real teacher), but for informal study, I was studying out side of the class room. Can you guess, who was teaching me in informal class? Yes.. My senior was teaching me. Actually, most of them were younger than me! They were graduated from senior or junior high school. In the afternoon, they were teaching me same as like my teacher in the formal class. Here, I could asked anything about the lessons I didn`t know. It was like private class.

When the night, we had debate class (in front all of student). The topics was very interesting. Like “Speaking vs Grammar”, which more important that the other? Who was suitable to be a leader in the government  “Women vs Men”?  Did you agree to stop “Smoking”? Because the big income in our coutry are from cigarette factory, but smoking is very dangerous in our life. Yach.. That was my example topics of my debate. I could improve my vocab in this session.

Now, it`s done. They will be a real teacher in some city in Indonesia with the real student. For celebrate their farewell, we had “Clossing Study Club Event”. And I had a job, to be  an English Translator. Hihihi.. I remember.. When i was child, i did this job (just flash back.. :p).

Oke.. In this event we have welcome dance (ladies and gentlement), role play, sing a song, and we enjoyed it! These picture of even:

With my tutor (Mr. Hasbi -from Bandung-), and my friends in my study club (Miss Arina, Mr. Amin -from Thailand-, Mr. Bosscho -from Riau-). We had dinner  together.

Nice to be your student!

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