Bye bye Pare… ^_^

I finally finished my course… For almost three month, two weeks ago was my last class in HEC 2. After went to Telogo Wangi Temple-Pare for outbonding, had an exam in Borobudur Temple, and being a mc in farewell party, I finally graduated! Okay.. I will explain my agenda one by one, check!

Outbond in Telogo Wangi Temple was agenda to prepare before going to Borobudur Temple, Central Java. If in Borobudur we must look for many foreigners to made a good conversation,  in Telogo Wangi we had to spoke with senior that pretending to be a foreigner and practice my English. It was my first time went to that temple. That location were very clean, but so quiet. No one came there except me and my friends that got exam. After spoke English with senior, we had another duty. We had to offer and made a consumen believed with my product. I try to explained my product with English.

And the next agenda, I went to Borobudur.

I should practice my English with foreigner. The first foreigner came from New Zealand, Auckland. Her name is Serelone. She is beautiful women. She came to Indonesia for holidays.


The second foreigner was honeymoon couple. Their name is Antonie and wife (I forgot the name of his wife). Antonie came from England, his wife came from Holland, and they live in Holland. They were friendly. Antonie like football. He was telling me about his favorite club. Actually I never heard the name of his favorite club, but for respect his story, so i just smile and pretending that I knew.


The third foreigner came from Holland. His name is Erik. He will stay in Indonesia for studying in UI, for 6 month. He told me that he was not enjoyed his holiday in Bali, because Bali were very crowded. He would go to Lombok, after enjoying Borobudur with his friends. After made a good conversation with him, he asked me to teach about Indonesia Language. I was surprised, because he learn so fast.


After got exam in Borobur Temple, I had farewell party agenda. Oh my God.. I was being chosen by Madam Erna (as the directris in HEC 2), to be a MC! It was the first experience as a MC. I never thought to be a MC before.

But from that moment, I knew, learn English not only in the class, but practice in every where, every time, on podium, and in front of people with formal situation. I got rank 6 from 47 students and I am happy for that.


After pass all of agenda.. It`s time to heart to heart…

Thank you Happy English Course 2.. For taught me to learn English with a different and good way. Nice to meet you.. Pare… 🙂

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