I`m Here

Finally… I met my beloved husband..

Yeah.. After fly almost seven hours from Denpasar to Auckland,


After wait more than one month… I met him..

Am I happy?? Exactly.. :*

And we are start to honeymoon.. 😀

With around new apartemen…garden..shoping and cooking together.. (cieeee..)

Met with my husband`s friend..

And went to Auckland Art Gallery Toi o Tamaki.. 🙂

God… Thank`s for everything.. :’)

4 Responses to “I`m Here”

  • pety puri Says:

    alhamdulillah 🙂
    posting foto nikahannya donk dek, hehe

  • Laila Says:

    MashaAllah la haula wa la quwwata illa billah… Very nice outfit+the model who wears it. I just thought you’re a turkish woman…:) May Allah bless and protect your new family amin… Well, I am waiting the village-mountain scenery pictures you described in Cinere to me…Are there any goats? Sheeps? 🙂

  • diva Says:

    @mbak pety: Sebagian udah kuposting di fb mbak.. Kapan2 aku posting disini deh.. 🙂

    @laila: Amiiiennn.. Thanks for your pray to me sisthaaa… 🙂 Hehehe..i don`t want to be a turkish woman coz i`m proud to be a real java women.. :p Yeah.. Actually i want go to there.. But my husband didn`t get holiday time.. Someday maybe.. If we have occasion.. And of course i`ll share here.. Especially for you.. 😀

  • Laila Says:

    You’re welcome…Siip….. Udah bisa bilang yeah sekarang ya… hi hi 😀

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